Money Transfer Fraudulent Company – Virwox

There are a plenty of online sites for the fund transfer and exchange of currency. These sites ensure the delivery of payments from different websites and direct it to the customer accounts on these online websites or in local bank accounts. I have an experience to work online and have dealt with these websites to receive my payments. Most of these sites are not actually paying and not really ensures the payments with security and customers face lots of trouble by not receiving their payments. I was working with a person as a seo provider for the following site,

U can search it at Google search engine by these key words, online lite coin wallet, free lite coin wallet, free online lite coin wallet. And by search these keywords can be seen on first page of I encountered that person for some time and sent him my work. After he accepted my work he disappeared and didn’t pay my reward about my work. I contact him many times by e-mail, Skype, phone etc. but he don’t answer any of my mail and call. I sent him many e-mails about payments but he didn’t answer at all. Rather he cancels statement on PayPal every time and don’t response any of my e-mail.

I have sent him e-mail at different times but found no activity from him. He cheated with me and also certainly with many other people. He plays with other working people’s emotions and then deceives them. He is a cyber-criminal and surely banned by all the clients. There are some other links for his online company:


His all personal details are given as follows: his name is William poot , Jr. He lives in Ripon city in the state of California. He is having contact number on Skype (+1(209) 599-6432) and have a skype name ‘tylerphil.pott’. His e-mail address is His PayPal account details are on this following link.

It is advised that be careful when you deal with such type of online websites to save your time and money. Especially beware of this site and make sure you are not dealing with this person. There is no other alternate of time, so save your time and money and make sure what you dealing with by knowing first what they actually are. Stay safe, keep smiling.